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The Alumni programme: How it works

If you’re looking to find out more about our Alumni programme, this step-by-step guide is for you. Below, we’ll detail exactly how things work and what to expect along the way. 

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The Alumni journey in four steps


Apply: First, apply on our website.

Assessments: You’ll then complete online tests using the link we send you, which includes all instructions. This involves an aptitude test and tech roles will also need to complete a coding test.

Interviews: You’ll have a phone interview (10-15 minutes) with our talent team, followed by a final interview.


Training at mthree Academy: You'll train for 4-12 weeks, focusing on the skills needed for your role, including important soft skills. During this time, you’re paid and we'll recommend roles with our clients.

Preparation for work: You’ll receive tips for interviews and polishing your resume, then interview with a client.


Work: You’ll join a top employer in the tech, banking, finance, or business sectors. Our global clients are industry leaders and provide an excellent starting point for your career.

Support: We have teams on hand to support you throughout your journey. You can contact these teams with any questions you may have and you’ll also have regular check-ins throughout your journey.

Community: Alumni success is important to us as mthree, so throughout your journey we’ll be on hand to support you. We also think it’s crucial to build meaningful relationships with other graduates so you’ll have access to our online Alumni community. Here, you’ll be able to connect with mthree staff and stay in touch with the Alumni network. We also host in person events that allow you to meet your colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere outside of the workplace.


Once your placement with mthree comes to an end, you’ll have the opportunity to convert to a full-time employee with our client. 

90% of our Alumni convert to employees. On average, they received a 46% salary increase once converted.

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Your placement timeline

Month  1

Start your job at mthree, working at one of our clients. You'll get a role-specific learning plan and information on certifications you can earn.

Month 2

Have a skills assessment with the Development team to make sure you're equipped for your role.

Month 3

Check in on your performance with the Development team.

Month 6

Celebrate your first big achievement with your first performance review!

Month 9

Enjoy your first pay rise.

Month 12

Undergo your second performance review.

Month 18

Time for your third performance review and a second pay increase.

Month 21

Discuss the possibility of becoming a full-time employee with the client during a meeting with HR.

Month 24

Your placement ends, and there's a chance for a meeting about becoming a full-time employee.

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Why choose mthree

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1 Achieve your career goals

Access top jobs: Our strong relationships with the biggest companies gives you access to roles at prestigious banks, insurance companies and retail giants. 

Learn from experts: Complete training at our Academy and build technical and soft skills while earning certifications.

Support: Receive support throughout your journey.

2 Flexibility to suit you

Great benefits: Enjoy our competitive benefits package.

Start when you can: We start new classes all year, giving you flexibility on when to begin.

Join regardless of your industry working experience.

3 Stay because you want to, not because you have to

No strings attached: Leave anytime without penalties—we don't have training repayment contracts.

No extra costs: Training is free, you're paid to train, and there are no hidden fees or charges if you decide to leave.


Wiley Edge is now mthree

We are excited to announce that we have been acquired by Inspirit Capital and returned to our roots as 'mthree'. 

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