How to excel at work: our tips!

Saffron Wildbore

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There’s no doubt that you’ll be wanting to prove that you’re an asset to the company in your role. Whether you’ve just started a new role, have been in your job for a while, or have just graduated and are thinking ahead. This can raise the question in your mind, “how can I show excellence at work?”

With this blog post, we’ll give you some tips to show people you’re always putting your best foot forward in the workplace.

> Ensure that you understand your company’s vision

Demonstrating that you understand what your workplace is striving to achieve is one of the first steps when it comes to achieving excellence.

By having knowledge of your company’s mission and goals, you can make sure that you are contributing to meeting these objectives during your day to day responsibilities.

If you don’t fully understand your company’s missions, or are unsure how you can contribute to them, don’t hesitate to ask for help! Your colleagues will be happy to help and will most likely be impressed by your commitment.

> Prioritise your working relationships

Now, we’re not saying that you need to be best friends with your colleagues and share your deepest secrets, but fostering positive relationships is important. Understanding the way your team members work, what their job role is and how you can work together is a great way to start.

When it comes to the relationship with your boss, this is especially important. By having regular catch ups, open communication and a positive attitude you can ensure a good relationship.

Your attitude at work can also really affect your working relationships. Ensure that you are open to constructive criticism, especially when it comes to feedback on your work. A lot of the time, those who provide criticism are just trying to help you excel, so don’t take anything too personally.

> Work on your soft skills

Soft skills are really important in the workplace. Whether that’s communication skills, active listening, timekeeping or being a team player.

Communication skills are especially important if you have a customer facing role that requires you to take phone calls with the public or clients.

Soft skills are often a top priority for employers as it helps the workplace run smoothly. If you’re unsure if your soft skills are up to par, Indeed have some handy tips to help you improve.

Our graduate training programs will teach you all the skills you need to excel. Not only do we teach you practical skills, we also prepare you for life in the office. We’ll help you work on your communication and interview skills, industry knowledge and help to improve your confidence. Take a look at our graduate programme.

> Take initiative in your role

One of the best ways to drive for excellence at work is to take the initiative and set a positive example for your colleagues. Taking the lead on your projects when appropriate, meeting deadlines, tackling challenges head on and asking for help when needed are ways to show initiative.

Show that you’re not afraid to be proactive, think outside the box and try new ways of working. Doing so will highlight that you’re committed to your job.

Positive attitudes are contagious, if coworkers see you conduct your role with a smile, then they’re likely to feel positive about working with you too. This can be helpful in both the short term and long term, as it makes you easy to work with which in turn should lead to positive feedback about your performance.

> Improve your knowledge

So much changes in the world of work, that the way you did something last year may no longer be the best approach. Striving to constantly learn new skills and stay on top of market trends will only benefit you in your job role.

It can be useful to identify your strengths and weaknesses to see if there’s anywhere you have a skills gap. Many employers have training initiatives to help their employees learn new skills, so bring this up with your manager. They’ll likely be impressed that you’re committed to being the best version of yourself that you can be!

> Most importantly; be confident

Confidence is key when it comes to excelling in the workplace. With imposter syndrome impacting more people than you’d think, it can be a task easier said than done.

Now, by confidence we don’t necessarily mean cockiness. Instead, be confident in your own abilities, know when to take the lead and when not to and most importantly, know when to back yourself.

Confidence won’t happen overnight, but if you work hard and listen to feedback from others, we’re sure you’ll get there in no time!

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Saffron Wildbore is a Senior Marketing Executive at mthree. She has worked in marketing, specialising in creating content for over 4 years. Saffron focuses on writing tips for graduates, Alumni interviews and more!


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