AI Appreciation Day: Academy insights and opinions

Mary Wellman

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Organizations face the crucial challenge of aligning their workforces with future needs and the impact of generative AI (GAI) on their own corporate digital transformations. This means testing and scaling career pathways has become a business imperative along with cultivating a talent pipeline that supports constant transformation and reskilling.

The mthree Global Academy helps our clients design career pathways specific to their tech stack in order to meet the needs of employee reskilling, retention, and talent recruitment. With more than 20 specialists from industry and education, our Academy cultivates talent pipelines that support the continual digital transformation of our clients.

For AI Appreciation Day earlier this month, we asked seven Academy subject matter experts what they appreciate about artificial intelligence. Here's a summary of what they said (click the links or scroll down for comments in full):

> Mary Wellman

Mary Wellman is a Senior Marketing Executive at mthree. She’s a marketing generalist who creates concise and useful content to help solve challenges for our clients. With a STEM degree, an MBA, and 30 years of B2B communication expertise, she is a seasoned business editor who spearheaded the digital transformation of five media brands and events. She understands how AI and information density shape the new business landscape.


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