Cyber security careers empower women in STEM

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By Dr Farah Al-Mahameed. Farah is a cybersecurity practitioner with a Ph.D. in Engineering. She is a key member of the cybersecurity practice at the mthree Academy, where she combines her technical expertise, continuous learning, ethical conduct, and effective communication. Driven by her commitment to creating valuable content and educating others, she thrives in the dynamic and challenging field of cybersecurity.

Allow me to take you on a personal journey, one that has been both unexpected, and profoundly rewarding. I am a woman with a PhD in engineering and a keen interest in AI. My path has led me into the fascinating world of cybersecurity. This is a tale of discovering true passion and purpose in safeguarding our digital realm. This journey celebrates diversity, welcomes unique perspectives, and empowers women in STEM.

> Finding my place at the intersection of engineering and cybersecurity

My journey began with a technical mindset, drawn to the intricate complexities of cybersecurity. Yet, as I delved deeper, I uncovered a truth - it's not merely about technology; it's a delicate dance between humans and machines. It's about preserving our digital assets while safeguarding our way of life.

Cybersecurity beautifully bridges the gap between engineering and human behaviour. By weaving the human element into our efforts, we craft strategies that transcend codes and algorithms. It's about understanding how people interact with technology and ensuring the safety of both.

> The importance of cybersecurity awareness

According to Gartner, by 2023, 65% of the world's population will have its data covered under modern privacy regulations, up from 10% in 2020 [1]. This highlights the growing importance of cybersecurity and the need for individuals and organisations to be aware of the potential threats they face. Cybersecurity awareness involves being mindful of cybersecurity in day-to-day situations, such as browsing the web, checking email, and interacting online [2]. By educating employees on the latest security threats, best practices, and the dangers of clicking on malicious links, organisations can reduce the likelihood of an employee falling victim to a cyber-attack [3].

As we continue to innovate and develop new technologies, we must also remain vigilant and proactive in our efforts to protect our digital world. By focusing on the positive aspects of cybersecurity and empowering individuals and organizations with the knowledge and tools they need, we can turn the tide from ‘doom and gloom’ to a more secure and resilient digital future.

> The personal importance of cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is not confined to the workplace; it's woven into the fabric of our daily lives. From online banking to social media, we rely on technology for nearly everything. Taking cybersecurity seriously and adhering to best practices isn't just a professional obligation; it's a responsibility that extends to protecting our families from cyber threats. For instance, I always use strong password enabled, two-factor authentication for my online accounts and discuss with my spouse how to spot phishing emails and avoid clicking on suspicious links.

> A journey of opportunities

For engineers contemplating a leap into cybersecurity, a world of resources awaits. Mentorship programs and internships provide invaluable experiences, equipping individuals with the skills needed to thrive in this dynamic field. It's a chance to evolve, adapt, and contribute to something greater than us.

In unity, I encourage anyone considering a career in cybersecurity to take that bold step. Become a guardian of the digital realm, and you'll discover a fulfilling journey that transcends the digital and touches the human heart.

> Embracing the future of cybersecurity and engineering

The future holds remarkable promise. We stand at the forefront of exciting trends and innovations, but with these opportunities comes the responsibility to protect our digital world. By embracing our diverse backgrounds, prioritising secure design, harnessing the power of AI, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and honing communication skills, we can shape a safer and more resilient digital future. Our insights and strengths enrich the world of cybersecurity.

> Join us on this journey!

To anyone considering a career in cybersecurity, I wholeheartedly encourage you to take that bold step. This field is ever-evolving, offering continuous learning and endless possibilities. By embracing our diverse backgrounds and leveraging the power of AI, we can create a more secure and resilient digital future.

If like me, you find your passion and purpose in cybersecurity, you're not just protecting digital assets; you're safeguarding the things that matter most—our lives, our dreams, and our future.

Together, let's continue to make a profound difference - one secure step at a time.

With passion and purpose,

Farah Al-Mahameed, PhD


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