How AI is transforming the world: A panel of experts

Mary Wellman

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On November 30, 2023 just days after chaos in the OpenAI boardroom raised new questions about the people and companies behind the AI revolution, panelists at ‘The AI Revolution’ event organized by mthree and Columbia Engineering weighed in on AI’s impact across industries.

Building a skilled workforce is make or break for employers. The event drew more than 80 guests to the Columbia Engineering's campus including experts, chief executives and digital transformation leaders across tech, insurance, healthcare and education. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE PHOTOS!

The lively panel discussion was led by Professor Hardeep Johar, (Senior Lecturer in Data Analysis and Operations Research, Columbia University) with industry leaders: Amit Arora (Professor of AI & Applied Risk Analytics, Columbia University), Reena Bajaj (Head of Data & AI at Munich RE), Genevieve Merley (Product Manager, Google) and John Bellone (Global Head of Technology Infrastructure at SS&C).

Key takeaways from our panel and guests:

  1. People, not tech are the centre of our workforces. The panel agreed that as AI and automation transform the way we work, we need to ensure that our people are at the center of our workforce strategies.

  2. The benefits and challenges of adopting emerging technologies. The beneficial use of AI to transform operations and customer experiences across industries was explored, alongwith the challenges of adopting emerging technologies and strategies to help us build talent in our workforces.

  3. Regulatory change is needed. Panelists urged for regulatory change to focus on AI testing so companies can firmly stand behind the product and consumers can better trust its outcomes.

  4. Jobs are evolving. The security of jobs was not cited as a concern in itself. But speakers noted the evolution from software engineering to prompt engineering will soon be upon us.

  5. The digital divide is growing. There was general consensus that it is more than likely AI will make the digital divide grow larger.

  6. Prompt engineering is on the rise. The panel expected that demand for prompt engineers will increase because people will need to know how to properly prompt AI to get the response they need.

  7. Reena Bajaj gave possibly the most memorable quote of the night: “…it’s a sad day that we as technologists are led by avoiding the front page of the New York Times”.

  8. Zoya Lehrer asked the panel what aspect of their personal life they would love to see AI improve - all unanimously responded “calendars!”.

Feedback on Linkedin:

Erika Roegies: Great conversation by the insightful panel on what is possible across industries, what are common impediments to adopting Gen AI and the ever-growing importance of data literacy and critical thinking, not only within organizations but in society as a whole!

Mariana Saddakni: The AI Revolution event organized by mthree and Columbia Engineering supports the use of AI to increase efficiency but not lose sight of the human element in business.

Iris Coldibelli: ...artificial intelligence is nothing in itself. The great value arises when you combine emotional intelligence (EI) to work alongside AI, and EI is distinctly a human skill.

Relive the experience with photos!

Our esteemed panel (left to right): Reena Bajaj, Amit Arora, John Bellone, Genevieve Merley and Professor Hardeep Johar.AD_4nXc2I3JVz1DcBLS9eHfU2wjxoJK1NYjAseqxdOBbcddQfcrf_B4Um7dndPKtCJ9zcp4V6RlZhNoySeNGyI4wwIa4eDQrvFvyvEDWEdLjmq3AmL4__DZzF6pmDowkEKt0GCmmlCe1deTeuwjIZmjVAkarUWgq?key=MjDTSWfPTY3ii3s6Bzu5ngReena BajajAD_4nXdY42aU51WJVXd5-wrpEDSoIJMhoV5DXyYw57EYstWRfCOKTJuX4VNiY6VyBWYw0HpmU56X89U3410r4T8viqVZCiFERIaX0xADNRfTxalIMCj4wbVO5VQkeqf00DPt0DJGBgGJsOTRxInfDECc79o9kV0?key=MjDTSWfPTY3ii3s6Bzu5ngAmit AroraAD_4nXe2t2PgA4z677nYpb7zy4R7xp1G9Zq7bus31ab7y6encOJgaAKotQ5YL3wyVEui_LbO-tPKpJ_EyApq-m1WO0H5tAra5tt1XrRlSvDWc_13Xz5MkIgtq2C4gbzPaWh7lc_jE7-Kt6lXG1H7rngjzzvvFpdW?key=MjDTSWfPTY3ii3s6Bzu5ngGenevieve MerleyAD_4nXezXfRQ24oP1gQekh676DzcyFk6S7mhd03AsmjqSbmT1vqNZLm3ZpT51Clxf5fIijRLz8LGHF0ew2xmKNW32KCc6jkVzIayJQa3YJctnuv7d3TyYxOm--QXOC0HHBLRdM6hZurmOCZBLNbkxWtc_aTkiiI?key=MjDTSWfPTY3ii3s6Bzu5ngTodd ZipperAD_4nXcscRYBIQSGZl8gSmqPbTw3j7YM58DfLijLvBeon8kU-tfeZ0kcp4C4GI-lyqnyeNBd3xy9vAF3m-xxxHm6j01qamUidhvgvLxBp5Y_FXjYpOat6aZvKsCuFp9QkzBxtg7-Fl3F_Vdz8FdyUgVGCTdyGHxN?key=MjDTSWfPTY3ii3s6Bzu5ngZoya LehrerAD_4nXei1CTq2nzWbpoRDRQIGs3JDy9TBhD4T24LJ_L-2aQPEnoMD9tVZbdWJ1JDYMtQLds9YynPxFNcSSxH4A0uSam38NQPs5qKYgADiYkk2R0tUHgjA6g4D62In1MbHY_w2uu5tCTtWAspaKq9MRRw_TivPa8X?key=MjDTSWfPTY3ii3s6Bzu5ngDennis Bonilla and Sam MerleyAD_4nXcv7A6Sx2ez15JAt6DErmtRi-z16SDiYBL-8gDgU9n40sSzmYghgSF15tLwfYU6dC-gzyoncycE5vPYUY98I-ewmLLBu3VzUueqjgOoO4T7ug9GsCjefS2N7xOTo753gsjBXM_D2AaNx4lXyafnXuaTzNGi?key=MjDTSWfPTY3ii3s6Bzu5ngFrom mthree, left to right: Luis Amaro, Rachelle Bresnahan, Heather Abbott, Dennis Bonilla, Neha Patel, Kelly Schulz and Simon Jowett.AD_4nXd3hC_kLTtjnnVpOBXuYLO8EC3EPCxihleJIB59Qfkb-SGVDklUz7xsSWdCz5vHW8nu3Bu6PHl_M0KdnQSdseQBY2ZTr8aQy2h5XgjPnQygs1YLp_ww2_ihOOdjqpm_H7Yku1jDqyD-r02-B7s_f8rl7k_j?key=MjDTSWfPTY3ii3s6Bzu5ngNetworking over cocktails!AD_4nXeQ4AXJLb4P7wkK12wCOa4UUYHRpZAkyUNZl1Sa2aUJ0cd28jGIenD5XqtD0GwqGuqiKHLewxVriXn05PH8J26Xu9eHvQFtj5JsE1jgvKDpRoB3ymM5sXFgr8WHPzrd4bjRxUfkznmw9nFMNKj-qLFHCjcy?key=MjDTSWfPTY3ii3s6Bzu5ng


> Mary Wellman

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