Top 10 women in tech and diversity in tech stories of 2023

Mary Wellman

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For it's wrap of 2023, Computer Weekly editors chose to reflect on notable stories relating to women in tech, diversity and inclusion throughout the year. In 4th position is an article about the findings of the mthree '2023 Diversity In Tech' report.

The overriding message for the UK’s technology sector is the need to develop inclusive workplace in order to minimise diversity shortcomings. It's an ongoing problem that deserves the spotlight.

Back in September, ComputerWeekly interviewed Becs Roycroft about mthree research that highlights misconceptions around what diverse employees expect from their working environment. In short, younger tech workers don’t believe diversity initiatives are working. See More than 60% of firms have lost diverse tech talent, September 2023.

It's a subject Becs also noted in February 2023: ‘Employers claim to prioritise diversity, employees remain dubious’.

Becs Roycroft is Vice-President of Global Emerging Talent and Client Operations at mthree.

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What did the research find?
Strategies that combat the lack of diversity in tech

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