Utilizing Hire-Train-Deploy to address the cybersecurity skills gap

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It’s no surprise that Fortinet’s 2022 Cybersecurity Skills Gap Global Research Report cites recruitment and retention of talent as one of the factors contributing to the skills gap within cybersecurity.

At Wiley Edge, we help organizations bridge the skills gap by deploying fully trained graduates with the competencies needed to help decrease an organization’s cyber risk. Read how the Wiley Edge Hire-Train-Deploy model successfully placed Yacine as a cybersecurity engineer at a tier 1 investment bank.

Wiley Edge has placed over 3,000 graduates through our in-house Academy. Our Hire-Train-Deploy model helps ensure that graduates are trained in your specific technical requirements and ready to start contributing to your teams on their first day.

Yacine Gaye is a typical example of how your organization can benefit from the Hire-Train-Deploy model. Yacine joined Wiley Edge in 2018 after completing her bachelor’s degree in computer science. Initially unsure of which direction to take her career, she became intrigued after being contacted by one of Wiley Edge’s talent acquisition members.

Our talent acquisition team constantly searches for graduates to join our program to ensure that we have talent ready for organizations when the need arises. We prepare graduates not only with the technical requirements organizations request but also in the soft skills not always taught in a traditional academic setting. In fact, Yacine remarked, “If I had applied for the same job with this investment bank by myself, I don’t think I would have been considered. Nor would I know how to navigate the waters of the corporate world.”

Yacine is part of the DevOps team supporting the investment bank’s cybersecurity department. In her role, she helps build and maintain new features and applications to be utilized by the incident response teams. We asked Yacine about some of the projects she’s working on:

“One is analyzing activity around failed passwords. If someone tries to enter a password over 100 times, the incident response team needs to investigate it. Is it a customer or a hacker? We write the analytics that delivers the warning.

We also built an application to help with email security. It extracts URLs and attachments and dissects an email to see if there's anything malicious. It acts based on whether the user clicks on anything within the email and gets the incident response team involved so they can verify that nothing is wrong or look for malicious downloads and clean up the network. If a user doesn’t trust an email received from outside the company, they can also report it using this tool.”

Yacine is just one of many candidates that have started at Wiley Edge before converting to become a full-time member of an organization’s team. She trained full-time at our Academy for six weeks before being placed onsite. Training from our Academy doesn’t stop once the talent is onsite, we continue to develop their skills and train them based on the organization’s needs until the talent converts. After two years, the investment bank offered Yacine a full-time role and she has been there since helping to protect the investment bank’s cybersecurity.

If your organization is looking to build out your pipeline of junior-level cybersecurity talent, Wiley Edge can help. You can learn more about us and the Hire-Train-Deploy model here. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] to get information and/or schedule a meeting.


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