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> What is DevOps? Why is it a good career choice for graduates?

To mark DevOps Day (US) on 24 May 2023, this guest post from Evan Borrie discusses why choosing a career in DevOps can be extremely rewarding for graduates. We’ll provide insights into the opportunities, financial prospects, continuous learning, collaboration, and job stability that come with a position in this field.

In today’s technological market, there is increasing demand for skilled professionals able to work effectively between software development and operations teams. DevOps Engineers are needed to smooth the delivery of software, reduce waste, and improve overall quality of a product or service. This is why a graduate needs interpersonal, problem solving and technical skills to succeed in a DevOps environment. However, businesses often find it difficult to fulfil these roles - often due to a lack of coordination amongst employees or due to new technologies evolving at a rapid pace.

Evan Borrie is a technical professional with over 14 years’ industry experience in infrastructure and IT. He is Product Manager for SRE / DevOps / Cloud / Production Support at the mthree Global Academy.

> DevOps engineering offers a wide range of career opportunities

In the ever-changing technological world, DevOps provides a unique opportunity for graduates to experience both sides of the software development lifecycle allowing them to develop a comprehensive understanding of the whole process. This experience is invaluable to employers as it helps them to achieve further efficiency betwen teams.

DevOps is a multidisciplinary field with diverse range of career options that cover various roles including:

  • DevOps engineer

  • Release manager

  • Automation architect

  • Cloud engineer

  • Site reliability engineer

  • Additionally, DevOps provides opportunities to utilize a variety of tools, technologies, and practices. This presents opportunities for exposure to a wide range of new technology specialisms that can benefit a graduate throughout their career, including cloud infrastructure, containerization, orchestration and cyber security.

Such a wide scope of career destinations allows graduates to explore various paths and find one that aligns with their interests and skill sets.

> DevOps Engineers are in high demand with competitive earning potential

Another advantage of a career in DevOps is the potential for competitive salaries. As organizations increasingly recognize the critical role DevOps plays in achieving their business objectives, they are willing to invest in skilled professionals. DevOps practitioners who possess a strong combination of technical expertise, automation skills, and collaborative abilities are in high demand, leading to attractive compensation packages.

Exact salary ranges can vary depending on industry, location, and experience. However, at the time of this article, Glassdoor estimates that the salary for a DevOps Engineer can range between $106,000 - $173,000 with 2 -4 years’ experience. This shows just how valuable these positions are held by employers while simultaneously providing financial stability and growth.

> The world of DevOps offers continuous learning and skill development

Since gaining popularity in 2007-08, the DevOps field is characterized by its continually evolving nature. Becoming a learning champion is a requirement to thrive in this industry. For graduates, this presents a significant opportunity. DevOps professionals are constantly exposed to new technologies, tools, and methodologies. They have a unique chance to stay at the forefront of industry trends. That level of exposure creates a competitive level of experience throughout one’s career. Whether learning about cloud platforms like AWS or mastering automation tools like Jenkins or Ansible, DevOps professionals can develop skills that are ubiquitous throughout any industry.

Additionally, DevOps culture includes a level of experimentation, research, and discovery. Trying a new tool or process is encouraged, and failure is viewed as a learning opportunity. This leads to a growth-oriented mindset, which helps propel their careers, and business, forward.

> Working in a DevOps environment requires collaboration and teamwork

DevOps emphasizes collaboration and teamwork, making it an ideal field for graduates who thrive in a cooperative environment. DevOps teams bring together professionals from different backgrounds, including developers, system administrators, quality assurance engineers, and business stakeholders. This diverse composition fosters cross-functional collaboration, allowing individuals to learn from each other's expertise and work collectively towards common goals.

Working in a DevOps environment provides an opportunity to develop essential soft skills such as effective communication, problem-solving, and adaptability. Graduates can gain valuable experience in collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, breaking down silos, and delivering results through shared ownership.

Furthermore, the collaborative nature of DevOps encourages mentorship and learning from experienced professionals. Graduates have the opportunity to work alongside seasoned DevOps practitioners who can guide and mentor them, accelerating their professional growth and development.

> DevOps skills are highly transferable offering long-term job stability

In today's technology-driven world, DevOps has become a crucial component of many organizations' digital transformation strategies. The adoption of DevOps practices is on the rise, driven by the need for faster software delivery, increased operational efficiency, and improved customer experiences.

This growing demand for DevOps professionals translates into job stability and security for graduates entering the field. As organizations across industries continue to invest in DevOps initiatives, the need for skilled professionals is expected to continue in the long term.

Moreover, DevOps professionals often possess a diverse skill set that is highly transferable across industries. This versatility provides graduates with the flexibility to explore different sectors and adapt to evolving market demands, further enhancing their job stability and career prospects.

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