William's Journey from Hardware to high Finance

Saffron Wildbore

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William Vadnais graduated with a degree in Computer Science in 2020, with a goal of working in finance. However, his college course focused more on hardware, rather than the software side of things.

In order to bridge that gap, William joined mthree and is now working as an Associate Software Engineer at an investment bank. Carry on reading below to find out more about his career journey so far.

> Beginning the process

William received a message from mthree on LinkedIn, as he was open to work. “I met the requirements for the training and was brought into the next part of the process which included a logic and coding exam.

The next part was a video interview, but there was an open dialogue going on throughout the process. I saw that 90% of Alumni convert to full time employees. This was reassuring and I could tell by the material being shared with me that this program was something I was comfortable with.

I’d had bad impressions of companies that get you into jobs, but mthree was a completely different experience.”

> From training to on-site with the client

“It was great, it felt like a classroom setting. The instructor gave us a lot of insight, both on the tech side of things but also what it’s like being an employee. He helped us with the client interview.

When they introduced topics, they started at a basic level. Next, we moved on to little exercises and eventually a project where we could implement what we had learned. It helped me learn the material well.”

William’s day to day work is exciting and challenging and he has recently been promoted to Associate Software Engineer!

“I’m on 2 teams. 1 team has 5 different applications or microservices, which I helped develop from scratch. I also maintain it. I help the second team with maintenance work when they need it.”

> Life without mthree

“I think without mthree it would’ve taken extra resources on my end to get to where I am. It might have taken some more time and a lot of it would’ve been on myself to find a bootcamp or some kind of coaching for interviews since I wasn’t planning them.

On my own it might’ve been a much longer process than going through mthree. I moved to New York for the role so I really appreciated the relocation benefit.”

William also speaks highly of the relationship he developed with fellow Alumni in his cohort, “I didn’t realise how valuable these relationships would become back then, but it has really helped me succeed and acclimate professionally and personally.

We have an ongoing group chat that is still very active. It started virtually when we asked each other for advice on the job, but now when we’re in the office we grab lunch together and stuff like that. We go for dinner when it’s someone’s birthday and it’s nice having a network in such a big city.”

> Advice for others wanting to follow in his footsteps

“If someone reached out to me and said I’m looking to apply to mthree, I’d say go for it. I mean the way it’s set up, it’s fairly low risk as far as taking the training and going for the interview. You’ll definitely learn a bit more technical and interview knowledge.

If you’re inspired by William’s story, have a look at our current job openings today!

Saffron Wildbore is a Senior Marketing Executive at mthree. She has worked in marketing, specialising in creating content for over 4 years. Saffron focuses on writing tips for graduates, Alumni interviews and more!


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