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Greg Clarke

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Tech innovation is a driving force that can make or break a company's competitive edge. But it's not enough to just possess new technologies. The true differentiator lies in building a team that has the skills and knowledge to turn innovations into value for the long term.

The difference between ‘innovation potential’ (what’s technologically possible) and ‘innovation utilisation’ (what your team has the skills to utilise) gives rise to the ‘value gap’:

As a leader, your role is to close this ‘value gap’ by creating a team that’s always learning, adapting and improving. As the pace of innovation speeds up, your team can then adapt to the latest technologies and translate them into tangible results – driving value for your organisation.

In this article, we explore some of the ways you can future-proof your team by making sure they’re ready for whatever’s next.

> Create tech champions

Identify people in your team who are passionate about new technologies. Harness their enthusiasm to drive internal knowledge sharing initiatives.

This can take various forms, such as organising 'Lunch & Learn' sessions involving multiple teams or smaller meetings where someone presents a new tool that can enhance the team's effectiveness.

> Continuous learning culture

Create an environment of continuous learning within the team. Invest in training, workshops and online courses to keep team members up-to-date in the latest skills and knowledge.

Many companies say they invest in learning, but few make it a strategic priority. Now is the time to give skills development the focus it deserves by encouraging employees to upskill.

> Stay informed

As a leader, it's your responsibility to stay informed about industry trends and technological advancements.

Attend conferences, actively network with professionals across various industries, and leverage platforms like LinkedIn to connect with thought leaders in your field.

By doing so, you not only gain valuable insights but also set an example, inspiring a culture of innovation, knowledge-sharing and adaptability throughout the organisation.

> Foster adaptability and flexibility

Innovation thrives in an environment where adaptability and flexibility are ingrained in the team's mindset.

Encourage your team members to embrace change, step out of their comfort zones, and be open to acquiring new skills as needed in their day-to-day.

As a champion of this behaviour, you can extend its influence to the entire organisation. An agile team is more resilient and better prepared to seize opportunities as they arise.

> Embrace failure as a learning opportunity

Failures are a part of the journey towards innovation. Encourage your team to explore new ideas and experiment with different approaches, even if there's a risk of failure.

Provide a safe space where they can test concepts and solutions without fear of blame. Acknowledge and celebrate small achievements and incremental progress to improve employee engagement. This can provide a morale boost and instil confidence, even in the face of setbacks.

> Bring in emerging talent

New talent often brings fresh perspectives and a heightened sensitivity to the latest technology.

Consider hiring emerging talent who can approach problems differently. You can also partner with ‘Hire Train Deploy’ companies, such as mthree, which offer role-specific training before candidates even begin their roles. This ensures that your new hires hit the ground running with the skills your organisation needs.

> In summary

Innovation is a team sport. The true value lies in the hands of individuals who possess the skills and mindset necessary to convert potential into reality.

By creating a culture and team that remains up-to-date with the latest tech, you'll not only realise the power of innovation but ensure that your organisation remains agile and relevant in a world that's constantly evolving.

Learn how mthree can be part of your journey towards building an innovation-ready team.

> Greg Clarke

Greg Clarke is the Associate Director of Marketing at mthree. Specialising in workforce solutions, he has almost a decade of experience helping employers build the workforce of the future.


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