Getting a graduate job with no experience

Saffron Wildbore

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Taking the first step in your career and applying for a full time job after university can be a daunting process. It’s the age old tale of needing experience to get a job, but not having experience to get said job.

Have a read of this blog post to discover some tips on landing that first job!

> Volunteer in your free time

Volunteering will stand you in good stead with potential employers. Volunteering positions tend to be easier to come by and although you won’t earn a wage, you’ll gain transferable skills. It will also show potential employers that you’re hard working and take your own initiative.

Consider choosing a volunteering position similar to the job that you want to go into. For example, if you’re wanting to head into an IT support position, then choose a position where you’ll be dealing with customers, such as retail work where you’re serving people. This will help you gain communication skills and applicable experience.

> Try your hand at networking

Sites such as LinkedIn are created with professional networking in mind. Connect with and follow relevant voices within your ideal industry and take note of any advice and tips they have to share.

If you’re feeling confident, message them and ask for advice. You’d be surprised at how willing people are to help others get their foot in the door. After all, we all started somewhere!

Careers fairs, industry talks and other similar events are also a great way to get started and make industry contacts. Most universities host these at the beginning of the academic year, so grab the opportunity in your final year or once you’ve graduated.

> Focus on extracurricular activities

Showcasing a genuine interest in the field that you want to go into in your spare time is a sure fire way to impress potential employers. If you’re looking at a tech career path, spending time working on your coding abilities at lunch or over the weekend will help you when it comes to applying for a job.

Taking online training courses, or even teaching yourself, will count as experience and will set you ahead of other applicants, especially for entry level roles. Let your passion for the industry shine through.

> Work on your resume

Tailor your resume to each individual job that you apply for. There are ways to detail prior experience outside of the workplace in a way that highlights your transferable skills.

With a tailored CV, you can highlight your passion and knowledge for your chosen industry without the recruiter having to search your CV in detail. This is a huge benefit as recruiters often have lots of applications to go through, so highlighting your relevant experience clearly will save them time

Unsure how to translate volunteering into practical work experience on your CV? discover our 6 CV Writing Tips for your first graduate job.

> Apply for a graduate program

We understand that it’s hard to translate theory into practice, and that’s where we at Wiley Edge come in! We recognize your potential, rather than years of experience.

Our alumni graduate program provides you with relevant skills as well as teaching you everything you need to know to hit the ground running. We offer multiple career pathways across varying industries.

We recruit throughout the whole year, so there’s no rush to decide what career path you want to go down immediately.

We also give you advice on resumes, help you prepare for interviews and put you forward for roles with our clients. We support you throughout the whole process and are always on hand for whatever you need.

Discover your Alumni graduate program.

Once placed with one of our clients, you’ll earn a pay rise every 6 months, something that smaller companies may not be able to offer. Once our program is completed, the vast majority of our Alumni go on to secure full time employment with the client they’ve been working with.

Begin your career with us and discover our available jobs today!

Saffron Wildbore is a Senior Marketing Executive at mthree. She has worked in marketing, specialising in creating content for over 4 years. Saffron focuses on writing tips for graduates, Alumni interviews and more!


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