How we nurture and support emerging tech talent

Mary Wellman

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By Charity Jennings. Charity is a highly proficient dean, director and professor who enables learner success in career-relevant education at the Global mthree Academy.

I believe that every challenge is also a chance for individuals to grow and improve. The future of the tech industry is exciting, but it demands that we prepare the next generation of tech talent for the challenges ahead.

We can't just rely on the old ways of doing things with traditional hiring strategies. We need to be creative and strategic in how we develop our people. We need to create a pipeline of talent that will keep the industry alive and thriving in the future.

That's what I do. My role as Curriculum Director at mthree is about enabling learner success in career-relevant education. We are helping to build the tech workforce of tomorrow, today!

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Mary Wellman is a Senior Marketing Executive at mthree. She’s a marketing generalist who creates concise and useful content to help solve challenges for our clients. With a STEM degree, an MBA, and 30 years of B2B communication expertise, she is a seasoned business editor who spearheaded the digital transformation of five media brands and events. She understands how AI and information density shape the new business landscape.


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